The Well

Laura Lorek
Mar 5, 2021

The pain of loss never goes away

It’s deep like a well

Every day we draw from it

On good days, we bring up fresh crystal-clear spring water

On bad days, the well yields little to nothing to refresh our souls

Sometimes we have to go deeper and deeper to get what we need

This can be arduous and painful

But we keep going back to the well

For the well contains memories of all that is precious and good in this world

And it reminds us of our own mortality

Someday we will be part of the spring that feeds the well and no longer of this earth

And people will draw strength from us

As we draw strength from those that have gone before us



Laura Lorek

Chief Creative Officer at, host of the Ideas to Invoices Podcast and veteran technology journalist: 5 newspapers, 1 magazine & 1 startup.